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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Guides for IT-Pros

I had just heard again today that there isn’t enough good documentation on Planning, Deployment & Installation for MOSS 2007. Until recently, the best resource that I had come across was Arpan Shah’s Top 10 steps to ramp up on MOSS 2007 deployment.

Reading the SharePoint blogs today that I have bookmarked, I came across Patrick’s post on WSS v3 & MOSS 2006 Documentation.

It is always a pleasure to read Patricks blog and I find useful stuff at his posts all the time.

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Bill Gates on SharePoint

Bill Gates giving Keynote at SharePoint Conference

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It is just amazing to listen to Bill Gates and have him answer the most detailed technical questions on MicroSoft technologies. Very few CEOs or Top executives can claim the depth of knowledge Bill has over his products and mind you, Microsoft has thousands and thousands of products.

He delivered the keynote extremely well but his real strength shows up when he was answering technical / architecural questions on Microsoft SharePoint.