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Facebook for BlackBerry

Facebook web applications are extremely popular but the Facebook desktop app often don’t get enough attention they deserve. Here are some of the apps that I have been using. Facebook app for BlackBerry is very useful in particular. Facebook widget for Netvibes and Facebook for flock are also worth checking.

Hooked on Facebook®? BlackBerry® smartphones can help! Now you can take Facebook with you on your BlackBerry smartphone! The best part is: you stay connected to Facebook the whole time. Download this free application and take communicating with your friends to a whole new level.

The Netvibes Widget allows users to view their Facebook profile and friends from their personalized Netvibes homepage.

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GrandCentral is cool

I have been using GrandCentral  for a while now now and I must say it is a great service. I wasn’t sure if I needed another phone number (even though free) but now after using it for some time, I am liking it…

It is still in beta but has some nice features such as routing of your calls based upon your filters, gettting customized ringer-tone (for your callers).

I have a couple GrandCentral invites to share. Leave a comment if you need one.

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Myxer – Easiest way to Create Ringtones for your cellphone – Free

Make Your Own

I just tried myxer. I have used various tools to create ring-tones for my cell but myxer is extremely easy way to create a Ring tone for your cell and have it delivered to your cell phone. Totally FREE.

You can upload any music file from your PC to myxer. It let’s you select the start point and the duration from the music clip that you uploaded. You can listen to the ring tone and adjust or remix other music in the clip. Then myxer simply send a link to your ring-tone to your cell phone as a text message. You click on the text message and download your ring-tone from myxer web site.

You don’t need any wires, blue tooth etc to connect your phone to your PC. Myxer is totally free and you can  also select other ring-tones that are already there. Best part, you don’t even need to create an account to use myxer.

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Putting 2.7 billion in context: Mobile phone users

In the industrialized world, everybody who can talk and knows numbers, and can still hear and remember numbers – has a mobile phone. A recent story from Los Angeles tells us that a homeless person was accidentially dumped into a garbage
truck, and faced being crushed. He used his cellphone – I kid you not – to call the emergency number and was rescued. When the homeless carry this technology, everybody has it.

And the non-industrialized world? Catching up really fast. China adds 6 million phones every month, India adds 7 million phones every month. Bear in mind that the total phone population in countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark and Portugal – each countries with 120% or more penetration rates – is less than 6 million units total. China and India both add that amount every month.