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Are there any poor people on Quora?

Fascinating !! Are there any poor people on Quora? by Panshak Solomon

Answer by Panshak Solomon:

This is my room back in 2015, before joining Quora.

My Wardrobe

My Laptop and my Table

My Bed


My Kitchen, just right beside my TV.

When I discovered Quora, it was as if the flood gate of wisdom suddenly opened. So many intelligent people here and so many things to learn. Every day I find myself browsing Quora, learning new things. I started putting my brain into good use. I browse Facebook less frequently. I’ve been passionate about Graphic Design, so I decided to work towards improving my Design skills.

Today, my situation have slightly improved, though not much but definitely not as it used to be, and I am improving everyday.

This is my room presently. I took these pictures today. 3/05/2017.

My Wardrobe.

My Laptop

My Bed


My Kitchen

So to answer your question, there are poor people on Quora. But we are optimistic of the future.


Wow! this is unbelievable.

I never imagined my answer will generate this massive attention in less than 24 hours. I’m highly encouraged by all your comments and upvotes.

Edited 2

I'm highly honored by all your comments. You guys are really amazing. Thanks for all the motivation and encouragement.

And as some people rightly said, that poverty is a thing of the mind, I quite agree with this. I've changed my credentials from “being poor all through my life” to “I have tasted poverty” because I believe that the future will be far greater than the past. 2016 has been one of the greatest year of my life. That's the year I can actually say I've started doing something tangible with my life. Most of my success can only be attributed to what I learned here on Quora.

Of course the transition between the pictures I posted above may seem just small, but only I personally know how big the difference is, between who I used to be and who I am today.

I will forever remain grateful to Quora.

Are there any poor people on Quora?

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