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What are the biggest ironies in India?

What are the biggest ironies in India? by Veda Malika

Answer by Veda Malika:

  1. Priyanka Chopra earned more money by playing the role of Mary Kom than Mary Kom earned in her entire career.

2. We consider rivers as sacred and then we pollute them.

3. Indian parents would spend more money to their daughter’s marriage rather than her education.

4. People who build our homes are homeless.

5. We will bargain with a poor street vendor but not gonna do in a supermarket.

5. Saraswathi and kali are considered as Hindu goddess in India and is preached by millions while the same ‘millions’ hate conceiving a girl child.

6. Radha and krishna are worshipped but their daughter can’t have a boyfriend.

7. Parents order girls to stay at home to prevent rape rather than teaching their sons to behave.

8. The worst movies earn the most.

9. Seeing Policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.

10. One can’t spend time with family but can spend hours on social media.

11. People will speak against dowry but ask for dowry on their son’s marriage.

EDIT : This post is not to hurt anyone’s feelings and is written by collectively considering everything.

EDIT 2: If you think point no: 6 is odd or something please read my answer under Rahul Bansal’s comment to make things more unambiguous. I don’t have any intention to stab sociopolitical economic or cultural intention of readers.

What are the biggest ironies in India?

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