Can a strong human beat a leopard?

Can a strong human beat a leopard? by Luis Medrano

Answer by Luis Medrano:

See this image?

That's a leopard carrying about 80–100 pounds of gazelle up to a tree branch to eat in peace. Imagine that much weight carried by your jaw and neck. This leopard is also climbing out of the strength of its claws digging through the tree bark. A male leopard can weight about 130 pounds plus the 100 pounds of gazelle. That should give you an idea of the claws you are dealing with.

See this guy?

It's an eland. An adult male can grow to a 1000 pounds. Yes, three zeros. Leopards kill these guys for dinner. Leopards have been seen carrying small 270+ pound giraffes up the trees. Oh I forgot to mention they are fearless predators. Maybe you should try to wrestle an eland or a giraffe first and when you get good at it, try your luck with a leopard. I’m pretty sure it would shred a human to pieces.

Can a strong human beat a leopard?