When the president goes out to eat, who pays for the food?

When the president goes out to eat, who pays for the food? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

I have a funny story most people don’t know, its about Presidents Obamas visit to our restaurant Estela in NYC.

Michelle and President Obama came for Dinner, while the secret service politely placed themselves in the kitchen and asked multiple questions about the meal and our night.

Come bill time, President Obama placed his credit card on the bill and our server when to process the payment. Declined. Awkward. What to do?

I should also add our server was nervous enough to actually spill hot tea on the President during his meal. (He was a great sport about the situation I might add)

Upon the server returning, She politely said something to the notion “Mr President, your card has been declined”. Michelle and President Obama had a good laugh with the Server and Michelle reached into her purse and provided her credit card for payment.

Before leaving the restaurant, the President told our server “I wont tell anyone you spilled tea on me, if you don’t tell anyone my card was declined”. Everyone laughed and took a group photo outside our restaurant together. It was a great night for everyone, it was fun and an honor.

Since that night, that server and all the employees have told everyone about the declined card and the spilled hot tea around a million times. Even the President himself mention the dinner and his declined card on a short interview once.

So yea, the President pays even when his card is declined. 🙂

When the president goes out to eat, who pays for the food?

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