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Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana?

Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana? by @SaurabhYadav789

Answer by Saurabh Yadav:

1. According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, Lord Rama was an outstanding human being. But in Rama Charit Manas, Tulsidas referred him as god.

Hindus perceive Lord Rama as Maryada Purushottama, the perfect man.

2. Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. To impress god, he sacrificed his head. This happened ten times after which Lord Shiva gave him all those heads.

3. Laxman didn’t sleep at all during the 14 years of exile in an effort to guard Rama and Sita.

He’s known as Gudakesh, the man who’s defeated sleep.

4. In place of Laxman, his wife Urmila slept for 14 years, completing both her own, and Laxman’s, share of sleep.

Urmila is a lesser known character in Ramayana.

5. Hanuman covered himself with sindoor to keep Lord Rama safe. That’s the reason he’s called Bajrang Bali.

6. Sita had broken the shiv dhanush ( Lord Shiva's bow) during her childhood. That’s the reason King Janak put the condition of breaking the bow at Sita’s swayamvar.

7. The white stripes on a squirrel’s body are given by Lord Rama.

When the monkeys were making Ram Setu, a squirrel tried to help them. The monkey’s made fun of it, but lord Rama was impressed with its dedication. Ram patted the back of squirrel and the white stripes appeared as his finger prints.

8. Nandi, the bull, had cursed Ravana. He had said that monkeys will become a cause of your destruction.

Remember the incident in Ramayana when Hanumanji puts Lanka on fire?

9. Laxman killed three sons of Ravana – Meghnad, Prahast and Atikay.

Out of Ravana’s three sons, only Meghnad has been discussed on several occasions in Ramayana.

10. While Lord Rama is known to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Laxman is considered to be an avatar of

Sheeshnaag, the serpent associated with Vishnu.

11. Kuber, god of wealth, had constructed Lanka for himself. However, he was overthrown by his half brother, Ravana.

12. Sita’s name during the exile was Vaidehi.

Who are some lesser known characters of Ramayana?

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