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What are the biggest misconceptions Pakistanis have about India?

What are the biggest misconceptions Pakistanis have about India? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Location: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Time: Around 6.30, Winters

Demography : Appalled and anxious.

I was accompanying my friend for his mother's dialyses. He has been a friend for almost 17 years now. His mom was in the ward, where the procedure was going on. As standard procedure anyone crossing in that door, was to put head and shoe cover. And only certain number of individuals were allowed, at any point of time. Most family members of the patients sat in the waiting room. It was comfortable, gentle light, proper temperature, comfortable sofas and rest chairs.

We both sat at one, and were just talking of school days, precisely when we heard some argument. Everyone's eyes looked for the point of origin, it was a Muslim fellow quarrelling with wardboy. Muslim because of the beard,Pathan Kurta and skull cap. No body bothered. He came babbling and sat amongst us. No body bothered. There were three more people accompanying him, they all sat.

Majoboori Ka Faieeda Uthata Ye Log” ( they take undue advantage of our plight)

His family members tried to calm him. Came in again.

Mussalmano ka izzat hi nahin hai, galti kiya is mulk mein aa ke” ( Muslims aren't respected, and I did mistake coming to this nation)

We were stunned. Absolutely stunned. How could you even possibly say that ? God forbids but if I would have to go to Pak, for medical help, and say what he said, my leftovers would be sent to Varanasi, Aassi Ghat.

Everyone was still quiet. Came in a lady doctor. She was a Muslim and introduced herself. Her words “ Main Mussalman Hun, aur yakeen kijiye is mulk se zyada koi izzat ni karega aapki, aapka apna bhi”.( I am a Muslim and trust me , you won't be respected anywhere as much you'd be here, not even in your own country)

Silence. Followed by no sarcasm or jokes. A woman from amongst us, she was aged, stood up and gave him tea from thermoflask. She was Punajaban probably ae le pehle chai pi tu .( come son, have this tea first)

I was obviously feeling strange and bad for his behavior, but am equally and more proud of the way crowd reacted.Dear citizens from Pakistan, Muslims are happy here

Jai Hind!

What are the biggest misconceptions Pakistanis have about India?

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