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I’m about to go to prison. Maybe for a long time. My mom & dad are old. What should I do?

Great answer, very touching but to the point

Answer by Anonymous:

It blows my mind how so many people on Quora just have an opinion they have to share without a damn clue.
Listen… I've been to prison.. I know what you are about to go through.
Here's what I would do:
1.) Ask the court to be located near your parents so it doesn't put a hardship on them to visit you.  Your going to need them more than they are going to need you.  It will be good for both of you that you get to see each other as often as possible.
2.) Accept this fact:  Your parents and possibly 3 others in your life will be there for you.  Forget the rest.  Spend as much time with your parents and the top 3 as possible before your surrender.
3.) Accept this fact: Your life as you know it now is over.  Prison will be the buffer between your current life and the new life you are going to start building.
4.) Accept this fact: You will begin building your new life the day after you surrender.  The first day you will cry and its going to hurt. 

I don't care what you did to get yourself in this situation, we all make mistakes.
Draw close to the people that truly love you and more importantly, draw close to GOD.
You will get through this.  How you get through it is up to you.
Key advice once your incarcerated:
1.) Don't go to prison thinking you can still have your outside life.  You can't. 
2.) As fast as possible, establish a routine.  It will make your time fly.
3.) Stay away from the gambling, drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc.  Keep to yourself. 
4.) No one in prison is guilty of what they were charged for, but believe me, we are all guilty of something.  Don't trust anyone.
5.) Spend time in the law library and help others with things like GED/Reading/Etc.  You will earn amazing loyalties that may protect you when you least expect it.
6.) Don't count the days, hours, seconds, microseconds, picoseconds .. it will drive you crazy.
7.) You will make some friends.  Just don't put your faith into them too easily.
8.) Write one person in your life every day.  Stay positive. 
9.) Start building your plan for your new life once your released.  Execute what you can and schedule the rest. 
10.) Take good care of yourself physically, get plenty of exercise and watch what you eat. 
I don't have to write "Pray everyday" because believe me .. you will do that one on your own.

Good luck and if you have more questions, ask me and I'll be delighted to answer.

I'm about to go to prison. Maybe for a long time. My mom & dad are old. What should I do?

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