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Indians: When did you feel the least proud of your country?

Answer by Praful Kumar Jha:

1. The fact that $130 million public money is spent on such statues rather than the public itself

2. When perverts like him are worshipped by people across the country

Where dowry is regarded as a status symbol and brides are used as units of measurement

When our country's top parliamentary houses look like this…

Littering all over the streets and then blaming others for it

Where same sex marriage is a crime while marital rape is legal

A country where cricketers are worshiped like Gods, but other sports receive only disrespect

The fact that even after 67 years of independence conditions like this can be easily found –

When the common man has to get to the streets and suffer through this only to get his voice heard

When people place their beliefs in frauds like him –

The great Indian reservation quota  –

Domestic violence

When honor killing is still practised and is an ignored evil

When we see India's position at the Olympics medal tally-

15. spitting yards!

16. The fact that they are regarded as youth icons

Indians: When did you feel the least proud of your country?

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