Doing too many things is worse than doing nothing

to-doI have become more & more convinced lately that in order to improve your productivity, even to get rid of procrastination, it is not so much about learning the art on how to do the things, but to practice on how to Not doing the things.

Your first instinct when stumbled upon a task or have a feeling or an urge to do a certain thing, be it extremely trivial, such as reading an article or post, upgrading some app etc or any other seemingly trivial thing, should be to Not do it. In fact, you should spend minimal time even contemplating about the task & by default you should have a reason to just kill the task, and, I repeat, Not do it.

If you decide to take up the task, or even committing a minimal amount of time to the task or the errand,  there must be very compelling reasons to do it.

This approach may not sound very simple & I welcome opinions that disagree with it, but in my personal experience, I have found it to be working completely & helping me, almost magically, filtering out the tasks that are not important to me and the tasks that essentially matter for me.

Feedback & other inputs are welcome via the comments. Thanks.

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