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What are some of the best roads/routes in India?

Answer by Pranav Kulkarni:

If you discard the tourist in you and embrace the life of a traveler, you tend to find beauty in the journey instead of the destination. Having traveled across 11 states in India, most of them on 2 wheels, I've come across some beautiful roads…

Listing some of my favorites:

1. Stuck in snowfall at 12300 feet, Manali – Leh highway

2. NH 212, passing through the Bandipur forest en route Ooty

3. When the colossal mountains make you feel insignificant, Manali – Leh highway

4. The blue sky and blue water providing a surreal experience

5. NH 21

6. NH 1D, The road disappearing into the horizon, en route Kargil

7. Mahabaleshwar, a popular tourist place in Maharashtra

8. One of the high altitude passes on the Manali – Leh highway

9. Manali – Leh highway

10. Typical Konkan roads

11. Find the river, find the road

12. Early morning on the road meandering through coffee plantations in South India

13. NH 222, as straight as it gets

14. The twisty descent from Rohtang top

15. A coastal road in Konkan

16. The deep woods of Dandeli forest, Karnataka

17. World's second highest pass, 17582 feet

18. Anjarle Beach viewpoint

19. Somewhere on NH 21

20. A random road in the Western Ghats (notice the fog, you can see the light of the vehicle at the end)

21. NH 1D, everybody loves curves

22. Paradise on Earth, Kashmir

23. When good or bad roads mean nothing, it's the view you enjoy

24. The scariest road I've encountered, Zozila pass

25. NH 4, for the ones who don't believe India has good roads

Note: all the pics have been clicked either by me or Rohit Mohite. No watermarks, no trademarks, you can use them as wallpapers if you like them. Hope you like them!

What are some of the best roads/routes in India?

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