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Barack Obama Needs Front-end Developers & Digital specialists

RT @aseemdokania: I’m hiring! DIGITAL/MOBILE SPECIALISTS at PlayU #jobs – Even Obama is hiring same talent 🙂

You should have knowledge of and/or strong interest in:

  • HTML5 and the HTML5 Boilerplate framework
  • jQuery mobile and responsive design
  • Ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter APIs into a site
  • A/B testing with Optimizely
  • Web performance optimization
  • Collaborating with other digital team members to spec out web applications aligned with the campaign’s strategic goals
  • Keeping code clean, and ensuring performance across browsers
  • Typography, white space, and other details that occur at the intersection of design and code
  • Managing expectations; balancing scope and timelines
  • Translating requests from non-technical people into asks of very technical people

If you’re more of a PHP/Python/Mobile programmer, we’re also looking for web and mobile developers.

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