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Barack Obama Needs Front-end Developers & Digital specialists

RT @aseemdokania: I’m hiring! DIGITAL/MOBILE SPECIALISTS at PlayU #jobs – Even Obama is hiring same talent 🙂

You should have knowledge of and/or strong interest in:

  • HTML5 and the HTML5 Boilerplate framework
  • jQuery mobile and responsive design
  • Ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter APIs into a site
  • A/B testing with Optimizely
  • Web performance optimization
  • Collaborating with other digital team members to spec out web applications aligned with the campaign’s strategic goals
  • Keeping code clean, and ensuring performance across browsers
  • Typography, white space, and other details that occur at the intersection of design and code
  • Managing expectations; balancing scope and timelines
  • Translating requests from non-technical people into asks of very technical people

If you’re more of a PHP/Python/Mobile programmer, we’re also looking for web and mobile developers.

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Mobile World India 2012 – Jan 21st, Bangalore – Nimhans convention center Nice conference if you’re into mobile space … (& also happen to be in bangalore to avoid cost) …

Mobile World India 2012 brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem. Tailored specifically for mobile application developers and technologists this conference will at the same time help startups, investors, mobile carriers, device manufacturers to better understand the latest technologies that will define the mobile market of tomorrow. Mobile World India 2012 includes Sessions, Workshops, App Lounge which hosts Application Developers, a Forums Series, app exhibition, and over 1,000 platform developers