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Puran Singh ka Original Dhaba

Just stumbled upon this question about location of  “Asli” (original) Puran singh dhaba in Ambala. It is one of the oldest dhaba on NH1 for authentic non-veg food. They do have a couple of veg options as well. Read the answer to get exact details:

Puran Singh ka Mashoor Dhaba (translated as ‘Puran Singh’s super-duper eatery’) is right on the intersection, across the road from the Ambala bus depot. Its visibility has recently been reduced due to a flyover constructed astride its length, which enables Delhi-Chandigarh traffic to zoom past, effectively avoiding the Ambala congestion. But that does not deter those looking for the tastiest mutton curry on the go.

This dhaba has been serving highway travelers for at least three decades, and used to open only for lunch. The story goes that army veteran Puran Singh’s neighbours used to bribe him with a bottle of liquor every day to down shutters in the evenings so that they could also find some custom.

A word of caution though: those hunting for the dhaba for the first time often confuse it with the two other Puran Singh dhabas, located immediately before the real one when approaching from the Chandigarh end. The authentic one is on the corner across from the bus stop, and is the largest of all the surrounding eateries. Leave the driving to those on the flyover for a bit.

So, what’s the secret of success? Reasonable rates, for one. While chicken and mutton cost Rs 50 per plate, dal makhni comes for Rs 20 and palak panir is for Rs 30. For breakfast, they serve stuffed parathas with curd and butter, the all-favourite highway khana

From: Yahoo Answers

These days they only have about 5-6 options but all very yummy – Non-veg – “Chicken Curry”, “Mutton Curry”, “Keema Kalaji”, Veg – “Daal Makhani” & “Paneer”. Non veg dishes are appx Rs 90 each and veg is appx Rs 50 each in Jan 2011. Certainly not so great for veg food, but if you are looking for authentic old-style non-veg simple dish and don’t mind a less than ordinary sitting, the food is a must try. I have enjoyed it for about 20 years now and still can’t resist stopping there, if I am passing by Ambala.

Here is a couple of youtube videos about Puran Singh ka Original Dhaba, 1st one from 2017 & second from 2009: