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4 years of blogging

Apr 2010 marks 4 years of blogging for me. sometimes on & off, but wow, what an incredible journey it has been. even wordpress evolved so much over time
that it feels a bit intimidating to me at times with all the complex features it has now.

Thanks to all the feedback over these years. Sometimes on the comments & otherwise direct email. It has been the best part of the experience.

2 of most visited posts by a big margin are:

1) About Orkut being used for Prostitution.

this post was actually about Orkut & how it was being misused, but I received all kind of inquiries about phone numbers in almost every city in India & also solicitations, Only thing was left to have received call from Cops – so much so that I decided to hide the post from the blog.


2) Paypal opened a development center in Chennai

shows that there has been a continuous interest in Paypal & eBay, while I was with the company & even still now.

another thing I discovered over these years, that I could not have default tags or categories … Web 2.0 became obselete, crowdsourcing even though is still happening but the term disappeared, voip, not so much hot (as in being called voip), RoR one of my favorite agile technology stack seem to have not picked up as was anticipated.

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