Pocketless Pants – Casinos, now Airports

I was recently at Goa at a casino and discovered that the dealers in Casino wear pocketless pants so that they are not able to store chips into the pants.

This story at IUC just fascinated me, Nepal govt has ordered custom officials at Airport to wear pocketless pants…. First of all, it should be mandatory in India as well, for sure, custom officials earn 100x than casino dealers in their pants with “pockets”. In fact, not only at airports, but it ought to be done also at police stations, RTOs, Sales tax offices and every other government office.

but no use as IUC points out:

Archana Sinha writes in:

Nepal has ordered its customs officials to wear pocketless pants, with a view to discouraging bribes. You know what’s gonna happen now, don’t you? The sales of underwear with inbuilt pockets will go up! Where there is law, there is jugaad.