Terrorism of the bureaucracy

From Goethals:

10 people die every day on the train tracks in Bombay – that is over 3,600 people every year are killed by an uncaring government entity. That is terrorism of the bureaucracy.

There is one farmer committing suicide every 30 minutes in India; over 50 every day.
There have been 150,000 suicides by farmers in India between 1997 and 2005. One out of every five farmers is from the state of Maharashtra. That is terrorism by the government.

8 people have died every day in Kashmir for the past 18 years.
That is 6,570 days of terror in Kashmir.
Bombay had its 60 hours of terror; Kashmir has had 157,680 hours of terror – and still counting.

Not to downplay the terror attacks in Mumbai in anyway, this articles highlights the rampant political & government corruption in India and the reasons why such terror incidents keep happening again & again.