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Inventing God

Jawahar Lal Nehru:

Even if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him, so Voltaire, said … perhaps that is true, and indeed the mind of man has always been trying to fashion some such mental image or conception which grew with the mind’s growth. But there is something also in the reverse proposition: even if God exist, it may be desirable not to look up to Him or to rely upon Him. Too much dependence on supernatural forces may lead, and has often led, to loss of self-reliance in man, and to a blunting of his capacity and creative ability.

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Jiggy – Create iPhone Applications in Minutes


If you are looking at iPhone Application development, you should check out Jiggy. It is an extremely easy way to create iPhone Apps. I was able to create a basic app in about 5 minutes.

Moreover, it is completely open-source and you can get source code of many sophisticated iPhone apps free from the Jiggy Development Group on Google Groups to get you up and ready to create feature rich iPhone apps within matter of days.

Here is an Intro video to Jiggy on Youtube.