Flickr Uploader from Picassa

  I really like easy to use features for photo editing in Picassa but don’t like Google albums instead use Flickr for all my photo storage. I had to go through the manual steps to edit the photos in Picassa & then use Flickr uploader to upload photos manually to Flickr. Luckily there is a… Continue reading Flickr Uploader from Picassa

India Has Become 14 Percent Less Corrupt

This article from Hindustan Times is quite interesting. RTI and eGovernance initiatives have already had a visible impact in reducing corruption in India. Ashok Malhotra, even from behind the bars, would have been really amused to read the latest report of Transparency International. “A few counties, most notably India’” the Report went on, “managed to… Continue reading India Has Become 14 Percent Less Corrupt