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Great disposable personal organizer!

Many things make this little personal organizer special, here is a list.

  1. It fits easily in your back pocket or purse.
  2. It’s as cheap as one piece of paper (Because that’s all it is!)
  3. It opens like a book. Leading to easier to find, more organized notes.
  4. The first page has a pouch, big enough to carry a business card!
  5. Customizable with “Mods” tailored to your needs.
  6. It’s free and fun!


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Wayback Machine – Time Travel with Web Sites

Interested in viewing what a website looked back in history, check Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It shows you a snapshot of the existing websites from the history. You can also navigate the website as users did years ago.Here is the link from the archive on how eBay looked in last 10 years as early as 1997 when it was commonly known as AuctionWeb & how Google looked way back in 1998 linked to

Google 1998

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Google Pack Adds StarOffice

via Google Operating System

Google Pack, the collection of applications recommended by Google, includes a new software: StarOffice, an office suite developed by Sun. In 2000 Sun released StarOffice’s source code, which became the foundation of, an open source project sponsored by Sun.