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The “People Ready” Controversy

Mike Arrington, one of my favorite writer had some really strong words today for Valleywag and some other bloggers.

Valleywag says its wrong. Om Malik, an innocent babe in the woods when it comes to being on the receiving end of valleywag attacks, folded, apologized and had the ads pulled. Someone over at CNET jumped on the bandwagon, saying we were all pimping advertisers slogans. He emailed us (I was driving to Foo camp and offline), and shortly thereafter wrote “surprise, surprise–heard nothing back.” Yeah, that’s me, shrinking from controversy and afraid to answer emails. I just wrote back to the reporter, calling him an idiot for falling into this trap.

Even Dave Winer threw a few logs on the fire, while acknowledging that Valleywag is generally full of shit.

So here’s my position on all of this: Go pound sand. People understand that if there’s text in an ad box, someone is paying for it to be there.

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India is all set to get a Female President.


Yes, Ma’am Supreme Commander! – First in India’s 60 year history India is all set to get a Female President, though it had a female prime minister twice, I guess, having a female president is slightly different as Hindustantimes, one of the top two newspapers in India reported

Yes, Ma’am Supreme Commander!

The last male bastion — the position of supreme commander of India’s armed forces — will fall if UPA candidate Pratibha Patil makes it to Rashtrapati Bhavan. But the generals are fine with snapping out crisp salutes to her.

Army chief General JJ Singh told Hindustan Times: “As a nation, we have always been open to women holding the highest offices. We have had a woman prime minister and now we are likely to get a woman president. It will be a great honour for us to serve whoever is appointed the supreme commander.”

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Google cancels the Boston Tea party

Today Google announced that they have decided to cancel the party.

eBay Live attendees have plenty of activities to keep them busy this week in Boston, and we did not want to detract from that activity. After speaking with officials at eBay, we at Google agreed that it was better for us not to feature this event during the eBay Live conference.

Well, This was just childish for Google and one wouldn’t expect this from a Micro$oft competitor. I mean using phrases like “Boston Tea Party” to get people away from eBay Live, which is one of eBay’s biggest event.

More coverage at TechCrunch. here

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Google cancels the Boston Tea party at eBay Live

Google checkout blog posted Let freedom ring on 6/11

Are you an online seller attending eBay Live! in Boston this week? If so, join us for a celebration of user choice at the Google Checkout Freedom Party on Thursday night (6/14). To get to the party, just hop on the classic Beantown trolley in front of the Boston Convention Center and follow the freedom trail to the Old South Meeting House. We’ll use the same spot where revolutionaries launched the Boston Tea Party to celebrate freedom with free food, free drinks, free live music — even free massages.

Today Google decides to cancel the party. more on Techcrunch