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Learning Ruby for Beginners

Here is a nice set of articles from Satish Talim if you want to learn Ruby from scratch. He has a new site now at , but I liked the old site much clean & easy to read.

Here is what wrote about Satish’s site: is a thorough collection of Ruby study notes for those who are new to the language and in search of a solid introduction to Ruby’s concepts and constructs

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‘Ketchup Brigadier’ gets reprieve

Indian Army has reduced the punishment Suresh S Rao, the ‘Ketchup Brigadier’ as he came to be called, to just a severe reprimand and 7 years loss of seniority.  Earlier he was sentenced to summary dismissal from service after being found guilty of fake encounters for glory hunt.

He got his name as “Ketchup Brigadier” when it was discovered that the slain militants being photographed were splashed with tomato ketchup to claim encounters as “fresh”.

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Ruby on Rails – ComputerWorld’s #1 Hot Technology for 2007

A ComputerWorld article has named RoR as one of the top 5 technologies you need to look in 2007. Only one in the software, rest are Hardware related.

It seems like every month a new technology emerges with the potential to change everything. Technology writers and analysts get hyperexcited. Everyone starts patting one another on the back and hugging. And two years later, we’re still talking about the promise of that technology, with little to show in the here and now.

That’s why as we began to look at core technologies that may have the greatest effect on the world of computing over the next 12 months, we paid special attention to how soon these advances will be available to everyday users, either at the enterprise or the personal level. The result is the following list of five emerging technologies with groundbreaking potential — this year as well as in the future.more