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Yahoo Pipes & Google co-op Search – Your view to the web

Last week Yahoo launched Yahoo Pipes and interestingly google also launched Google customized search – Google co-op search. Both, even though very different in the interface attempt to solve a common problem – Providing you your personalized web or ability to allow you to create yourself a personalized view to the Web.

Through Yahoo  Pipes, you can mash-up different feeds, URLs etc and can dice & chop the information gathered, then you can provide processing such as sorting, unique etc and get the results. You can also create an RSS feeds from the results and subscribe to it. Inspired by Unix pipes, Yahoo pipes is a simple technology but provides plenty of room for creativity and innovation.

Many people have created some interesting pipes. Check out.

Google customized search. Google also unveiled   Google co-op where users can cherry pick sites, add them to a list and then you can basically search your list of sites. Google co-op also provides a tool to dynamically add sites to your list as you are visiting the web.

I would expect more of such tools. With RSS usage becoming so rampant, it certainly has created a need to be able to provide filter criterion on the information that is returned from a feed or a search agent.

I would love to see a version of eBay that would allow me to trim down eBay. For instance, if I am interested in buying an iPod, I would like to go to eBay and see nothing but iPods there. I want an experience that would seem like that eBay only sells iPods and nothing else.

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