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Social Networking 2.0?

SixApart launched a new Social Networking site Vox and has received mixed response. In an interview to Marshall, Six Apart co-founder Andrew Anker talked about Vox and also made interesting comments about Social Networking and its future.

To make an analogy, we believe we’re in a similar stage as cable television was in the mid 1980’s. There have been a few breakout hits like MySpace and Facebook, but we’re a long way away from having a diverse set of properties covering all of the different market segments and customer use cases.

I don’t agree about his analagy about Cable TV, because I don’t think Cable TV has any social aspect to it compared to what we are seeing in Web 2.0.

But I agree that there is evidently a lot of room to be creative and innovative in Social networking. The current sites that we see are more like “Social Networking 1.0”

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