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Web 2.0 in India

Business Standard, a prominent business newpaper in India has an article on Web 2.0 in India

But a logical progression of technology is being viewed with a lot of skepticism in the country.

It’s little wonder, then, that Indian companies too have jumped on the
bandwagon. They include Bixee, Pixrat, Zoho and Glogblog, Pixrat, is a
social bookmarking service for photos; Bixee is a Web Crawler for jobs;
and Glogblog is an Indian online local community site – a desi version
of Craigslist if one must compare. from Advent.Net, another
Web 2.0 candidate, has a bunch of applications from calendar to
spreadsheets. MapmyIndia (from CE Infosystems) has released a beta
version of a GoogleMap type digitised mapping product. It works on both
the web and on the mobile. The list, of course, is not exhaustive.

Avnish Bajaj, Founder of, now eBay India, exaplains why Web 2.0 is less likely to succeed in India

“Will this imported concept work in India? asks Avinash Bajaj, founding
MD of Matrix Partners Investment Fund. “I’ve met nearly 20 social
networking start-ups who are trying to do a in India, in
the last couple of months,” he explains. He reasons his skepticism
stems from the fact that Internet users in India spend a fraction of
the time compared to the US counterparts where the Web 2.0 models are
successful. Besides, he adds, “the Indian psyche is different. Hence
there’s no viral effect and these sites are difficult to monetise in

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