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Was N Korea right – why judge? did a survey about the recent nuclear explosion by N Korea. Did N Korea do the right thing? Even though, Prime minister of India & other officials have strongly condemmed the explosions, it is quite interesting that a vast number of people are not hugely against the explosions: Reasons? Read on:

Rajiv of Mumbai, India felt the US had no business asking others to stop working on their nuclear arsenal particularly since it was itself responsible for an arms race.

“It’s a big joke that sitting on the heap of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, US has become self proclaimed saviour of mankind. Before preaching others and preventing others who wish to obtain nuclear technology even for peaceful purposes – why don’t they destroy all such weapons in their possession and set an example for the world?”

“If the world has threat from any country – it is none other than the US. It is the US – that is the only country in the history of mankind that has used nuclear technology and atom bomb to kill humanity and millions of precious lives.”

However, not every body share the same opinion regardng other aspirants to the nuclear title.

RD Shenoy of Mumbai, India felt countries such as N Korea would only try to blackmail the world.

“Other day in a poll conducted by a TV station majority of the Indians was of the view that N Korea has the right to have nuclear weapon. I was disappointed with the way Indians thought. N Korea, Iran etc are not responsible states. Please understand that these countries are trying to get the nuclear weapons to blackmail the world.”

Nikhil Puri of Chicago, USA felt India had lots to worry after this explosion as its civilian deal could be under threat.

2 thoughts on “Was N Korea right – why judge?

  1. Good one. I also think N Korea did the right thing. I liked the way you have put the comments of other people. Good Luck Blogging.

  2. I don’t know on what parameters can you proclaim a country “responsible”. The US can be considered the biggerst irresponsible state after the Iraq war.

    Everybody has the right to develop Nuclear weapons if it wants too.

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