A number of Desi match making, social networking & matramonial sites have came up recently. Here are a few:

Update: Feb 01, 2011 – seems to be unavailable with a “Site Under Construction Message”. is an online dating and friendship site where singles meet and interact. DesiMatch caters to the South East Asian community spread across various parts of the globe.

Bhadai is a matrimonial site with chat and SMS feature.

Idon’ is a Matrimonial website exclusively for the people who would say “I Don’t want Dowry” all over the country. It is a platform where brides can find out grooms who are against the dowry culture prevailing across in a NEW avatar

Fropper Indian date site, Fropper, short for friend hopper, extends the philosophy — beautiful relationships begin with friendship — and is your destination for building, maintaining & enjoying meaningful relationships. Be it a platonic relation, a loving relationship, a marriage or business networking, Fropper hopes to empower, enrich & enable you to make your world more beautiful.

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