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YourManInIndia – For Anything you need in India

Ever wondered who to contact for anything in India? To get your certificates? Run errands for your parents? Or just brighten up your Grandmom’s day with a bunch of flowers?

YourManIndia is a site backed by 76 year old TTK group and has been in operation now for couple of years. People are using to find their man in India for getting various things done including Property Maintenance, Finding tenents, Visa / Passport Assistance, Obtaining birth & other certificates, Finding an old friend or Surprising the wife on wedding anniversary. The site has tons of positive feedback from existing users.

2 thoughts on “YourManInIndia – For Anything you need in India

  1. Very interesting. From an NRI’s perspective, would have been equally welcome since so many are keen to marry a desi kuddi. These services could have been better presented:-
    Marriage event manager
    Marriage Predictions
    Marriage certificate
    Marriage registration
    Matrimonial Assistance

    What about – For anything you need in a woman-yourwomaninindia.

    Jokes apart, its an interesting concept. What about one for native Indians- yourmanabroad for instance?

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