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Cambarian House – IdeaWarz

Cambarian House, a site focussed on CrowdSourcing, has launched a section called IdeaWarz where people can vote for a better idea among 2900+ ideas.

Here are a couple samples:

Worth My Time
The Idea:
Ever wanted to know if something was worth your time? This site will rate and review everything imaginable, and from the rating you can see if it is worth your time or not. For example movies, you can see if the hot summer movies are really worth your time ~ and money.

Betcha 5 Bucks
The Idea:
A repository of idiotic bets that, when taken, earn the taker 5 dollars. Users create bets, send the site $5.50 by Paypal (we keep a 50 cent processing fee) and wait for their bet to be taken up. The bets must be videotaped and then placed on the site. Users who want to take up the bet immediately call ‘dibs’ and the bet is theirs for 1 day. If they complete it, the 5 bucks is theirs. If they don’t, it goes to the next person to call ‘dibs.’ I see University students loving this and using it to get beer money.
How this makes money: 50 cent processing fee goes to us. We keep all the money in a paypal account, which gains interest. A million bets is 5 million dollars, and that earns hefty interest. In addition, the site will have advertising.

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