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mxGraph – Javascript Graphs on Steroids

mxGraphs is a Javascript library that uses built-in browser capabilities to provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution. mxGraph outperforms all existing solutions in startup time, interactivity and functionality. Watch the screencast here.

Leveraging the latest in browser and web technologies, mxGraph is the ultimate solution for drawing diagrams in a browser. Using open standards, mxGraph does not depend on any third-party plugins and proprietary software. mxGraph works straight out of the box, no client configuration, no plugin installation, no platform dependencies – it just works!

It allows drag & drop of shapes, lines, images with various colors & pens. It also lets you specify opacity, fill colors, gradient color etc for the shapes, all thru pure Javascript, pretty amazing. I have been using Gliffy for a while that provides the same functionality but is built in Flash. mxGraph is a great example on how much you can do with pure JS and the browser.

5 thoughts on “mxGraph – Javascript Graphs on Steroids

  1. Thanks for the mention of Gliffy. We are very appreciative. If you have any suggestions and/or feedback please drop us a line at our newly revamped website! Thanks,
    debik at gliffy dot com

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