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VoIP, Skype Blocking in Third World Countries

Russell Shaw writes about VoIP blocking in third world countries. Namibia is going for people using VoIP and five people have been busted for using Internet for VoIP. 2 years ago, there was a bust in Belarus as well and there is complete prohibition of VoIP in Bangladesh.

It reminds me that it wasn’t long ago  (little over 4 years) that VoIP was completely banned in India as well & you had to sign a contract with VSNL (state owned only net provider at that time) that you won’t be using net for anything else than viewing web sites, and sites such as Dialpad etc were not allowed in India.

Compared to that, VoIP is on a huge rise now, Skype & Yahoo Voice messenger are extremely popular. Calling cards rates have dropped about 800% and you can call New Delhi now for 3 cents per minute & Hydrabad for 1.5 cents per minute. It is also important to note that India still doesn’t have huge infrastructure, in terms of phone lines, compared to most European countries.

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