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Splogs or Spam Blogs on the Rise

Increasing popularity of blogs has given birth to another industry called Splogs or Blam!. Splogs or spam blogs are the blogs that are created purely for the purpose of promoting affiliated sites. It is often used for providing links to other affiliated sites and monetizing on pay-per-click programs such as Google Adsense.

Contrary to spamming blogs with Spam content, Splogs have fake articles and often that content that is just syndicated from other legit sites. Sploggers are using commercial softwares to scrap content from other sites and then posting them as blogs on or  

Here is a paper that lists out various toolsthat are used by Sploggers. and sites such as blogging to the bank that are being used for Splogging.

Here in an article in september edition of Wierd edition on Splogs: Spam + Blogs = Trouble

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