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PodCampWest Announced – San Francisco, Nov 18-19th

PodCamp West has been announced. It would be held in San Francisco on Nov 18t-19th. The Wiki is up and running. Go ahead and Register, if you plan to attend the PodCamp West.

PodcampWest is Free BarCamp style UnConference, for bloggers and readers, podcasters and listeners, VideoBloggers and new media of all types. PodcampWest is free to attend and was inspired by PodCamp Boston.

Podcamp is for people interested in new media. Bloggers, Podcasters, Video Bloggers (Vloggers) are who the conference serves best. If you’re interested in doing something with new media, you’ll want to attend. Are you an individual or school or library wondering how to incorporate podcasting into projects and community events? Are you a corporation type wondering how you should get involved in new Media. more

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