Sun hires the JRuby Team

Sun Microsystems is hiring Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, better known as “The JRuby Guys”. Tim Bray writes: Given that Sun is in the process of (appropriately) slashing some of its engineering groups, new hires are a little tricky. A lot of people helped, but I think the biggest contributions were from our Software CTO… Continue reading Sun hires the JRuby Team

Decompressing RailsConf Europe

David H Hansoon has put up a great summary of the RailsConf Europe. Check out if you missed the conference (like I did). What an amazing two days! Such an overwhelmingly good experience. Not that I expected the official European RailsConf to be a tame affair, but I frankly hadn’t expected this level of quality,… Continue reading Decompressing RailsConf Europe