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Hindu Sangam Tommorow Sep 9th at De Anza College

Hindu Sangam is happening tommorow at the De Anza College, Cupertino. It is a rare opportunity if you are interested in more about Hinduism, Yoga or Ancient Indian Culture. Organizers of this event said that It would be one of the biggest gathering about Hinduism outside of India, therefor they refered it as a Mini Kumbh mela outside India.

If you haven’t heard about the Kumbh Fair, Kumbh Mela,(Mela means Fair in Hindi), which is also called The world’s most massive act of faith, is the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage that happens every 12 years with Mini Kumbhs happening every 4 years. It is attended by millions of people in a single day making it the largest gathering anywhere in the world. The beginning of the Kumbh fair is dated back atleast a thousand years.

First Kumbh of this century took place in 2001 was attended by 70 million people in 6 weeks with estimated 30 million people attending the fair in just a single day. Here are some links and Kumbh Mela pictured from the space.

8 thoughts on “Hindu Sangam Tommorow Sep 9th at De Anza College

  1. Hi Shashi,

    I don’t think the number of people can be same or even a fraction of the number that attend Kumbh in India, but someone told me that they believe it to be one of the biggest gathering of Hindus outside of India and that is why they related it to Kumbh outside India.

    I have updated the blog to mention that. Thanks for pointing that out.



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