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Bibapsha Bruised at Edison, NJ

Bollywood star Bipasha Basu recently alleged that she was harassed this month at India day parade at Edison NJ by a couple of the organizers at Indian Business Association.

Before the parade… Bipasha appeared on stage. “I wanted to attend the parade, but I could not,” she said, adding that she was harassed physically and mentally in the car by two people who were taking her to the parade. [link]

Indian Business Association (IBA), organisers of New Jersey’s India Day Parade, is most likely to initiate legal action against Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu, who had publicly charged IBA volunteers of “harassing” her in a car. Officials said the IBA, which instituted an inquiry into the allegations, will sue Basu for an undisclosed amount for violating the contract and making such an allegation.

2 thoughts on “Bibapsha Bruised at Edison, NJ

  1. Why is Bispasha not answering back their calls if she is right:-

    My dear Bipasha
    Tere se nahin thi ye aasha
    IBA ke saath teri kya hai nirasha?
    Kuch logon ke liye publicity stunt ban gaya hai pesha
    Agar tere saath aisa nahin hai, jawab de jab IBA ne tuhje hain talasha.

  2. Good one Hiren!

    Seems like most people aren’t taking Bipasha’s allegations much seriously. If this was some other actress, it may have created a bigger uproar.

    But nonetheless, this incident is unfortunate. IBA or Indian community in NJ doesn’t need any more negative publicity in the local media.

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