3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart – Bush trip to Indian Subcontinent

  1. Very interesting and amusing especially the potato and the children spellings. At times, it seemed like a satire on bush which I thoruoughlly enjoyed. The one about cartoons in the end was also amusing. On a serious note, at least the world’s biggest and largest democracies are on the way to becoming good friends permanantly for the first time in history. Hope it stays that way.

    My computer keeps pausing while watching these clips(whatever they are called). Does it needs to be upgraded. I would appreciate if you could let me know.

  2. I also particularly liked the beginning of the clip.

    It’s good that US and India have very good relationship these days. In fact, even general impression among American people about India is pretty health.

    There was a report from the Polling Institute of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut earlier this week that said that after Britain, Canada and Israel, India is the most favored nation in US.

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