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New Skype Phone Doesn’t Need PC or Wi-Fi

Skype announced a new cordless phone on Thursday that sends and receives Skype calls just like a landline, but without the need for a computer.

Typically, Skype phones work through a computer or a laptop. The new Philips VOIP841 plugs into a standard RJ-11 home phone jack, as well as into an RJ-45 broadband connection jack. It can send and receive Skype calls as well as calls from a regular home phone number.

“So now in order to have Skype, you don’t have to have a PC,” said Manrique Brenes, director of hardware business development for Skype. But you do have to have a broadband connection.

via ABC News

5 thoughts on “New Skype Phone Doesn’t Need PC or Wi-Fi

  1. Skype is just a software that can be installed on any machine that has got an internet access, and rest is the same. You use any headphones/builtin speaker/mikes to communicate to various people across globe. It really does not matter whether you have a broadband jack or not. Skype uses VOIP in the background to make this work. The only hinderance here is lack of voice clarity (using voip in the background). So the one and the most important benefit remains is that you do away the dependency on pc/laptop to use the phone. As the instrument takes care of this. Yes, there is another fact to this, the quality of voice does improve considerably

  2. Dear Pradeep good article. Kindly tell me availibility of this instrument in Mumbai.

    Thanking u
    Naresh Shah

  3. How interesting to note that you don’t have to turn on the computer when using a skype phone but does a voip hardware needs to be turned on before use?

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