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AirJaldi Summit 2006 – DharamShala India

DHARAMSHALA, India — Organizers of a community wireless mesh network in Dharamshala, India — the hometown-in-exile of the DalaiLama and thousands of Tibetan refugees — say they want to “unwire” more Tibetan exile communities and other unconnected spots in the developing world.

Expected to attend is Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman and WiFi pioneer Vic Hayes.

Image via boing boing: Tibetan Technology Center CTO and co-founder

Yahel Ben-David (with laptop) checks signal strength at an antenna site that is also a Hindu temple. To his immediate left, with his back to the camera, is the temple’s resident: a Japanese priest the locals call Japani Baba, who has a laptop of his own. From far left to right, here are the other people in the picture: The man leaning on the temple is a Hindu priest who also maintains this site, along with Japani Baba. Next to him, a young Gaddi man from a village nearby. At far right in the red dreads, a mesh network project volunteer named Aurelion who was visiting from Europe and developing some nifty network monitoring apps with Ben-David.

His holiness Dalai Lama said on the event:

“The internet’s contribution to the diffusion and dissemination of knowledge and information is truly remarkable.

“By itself the internet cannot feed the poor, defend the oppressed, or protect those subject to natural disasters, but by keeping us informed it can allow those of us who have the opportunity to give whatever help we can.”

Wired News: Tibetans to Teach WiFi Know-How

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