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Strategy behind using liquids to threaten planes

via boing boing

sockrebel (as always) makes some interesting comments:

No matter how many restrictions we set up on flying, terrorists are going to find a way to do their thing. We’re all going to flying naked soon. Radical idea: how about trying to address the root cause of why they’re attacking us? Something having to do with imperialism? Crazy, eh?

Amit also has a point:

With shit like Mubtakkar around, increased security is necessary. I’m glad to see that security has been stepped up.

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MeeboMe Widget + WordPress + Netvibes is Cool

When I initially saw Meebo, I asked myself that why would I go to another web site to check my Instant messages & that is true today as well.

But last week, I added a Meebome widget on my blog and am now using the Meebo module in NetVibes, This is really cool as I can get the instant messages from my blog right on my browser’s home page.

If you haven’t tried Netvibes yet, Netvibes is a really cool AJAX home page. I have been using this now for over 6 months and found better than any other AJAX home pages that I have tried. No wonder, they got a $1 million funding in March this year and received another $15 million this week.