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U.S. warns of possible terror attacks in India

In a related story to the Arrests of 24 alleged terrorists in Britain, MSNBC reports:

NEW DELHI – The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi warned Friday that foreign militants, possibly al-Qaida members, may be planning to carry out bombings in India’s two major cities in the coming days.In an e-mail sent to American citizens living in India, the embassy said New Delhi, the capital, and Mumbai, the country’s financial and entertainment hub, were the likely targets, and the attacks were believed to be planned for either before or on India’s Independence Day, August 15.The embassy confirmed that it had sent the e-mail, although Indian officials refused to comment on the warning.

U.S. warns of attacks in India – International Terrorism –

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SIPA Event - Opening RemarksI attended this event yesterday at HP Oak Room in Cupertino. It was a great event with 3 blogger speakers with different backgrounds.

1. Guy Kawasaki (blog)

2. Chris Pirillo (blog)

3. Ramit Sethi (blog)

Also got a chance to meet Ryan, whom I missed at the WordCamp 2006 , Chris Pirillo, Narsi, Mitchell, Avinash, Thomas, Meeta, Joe & Others.

Welcome to SIPA

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