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Another Bhopal Gas Surviver Hangs Himself


Sunil Kumar, a bhopal gas surviver died in his apartment in Bhopal on the evening of July 26, 2006. He was thirteen years old at the time of gas disaster, which took the lives of two of his brothers, three of his sisters, and both his parents in one night. . In an interview in 1985, Sunil, who later founded the group Children Against Carbide, said that “The people must know who was responsible for the gas disaster- who killed their loved ones. And those who are found responsible must be hanged. What is the use of all the money if those who have killed so many go scot-free?” While those responsible for the disaster have still not faced trial, Sunil, troubled by mental health problems in his later life, was the one who finally hung himself. He was found hanging from the ceiling fan, wearing a t-shirt that said “No More Bhopals.”

Satya writes:

Our society has become so focused on numbers and tangibles, but no amount of compensation would ever suffice for the total impacts of the disaster.

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