Arvind Kejriwal of Parivartan Movement selected for Magsaysay Award

Head of Delhi-based Parivartan citizen’s movement, Arvind Kejriwal, was on Monday selected for this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Award for his contribution to India’s right-to-information movement and empowering poor citizens to fight corruption.Kejriwal, a mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur, one of India’s most prestigious institutions who joined the civil services as a member of the Indian Revenue Service in 1992, is currently on leave from the Government for two years. “The brazen corruption of the high and the mighty may grab headlines, but for ordinary people it is the ubiquity of everyday corruption that weighs heaviest. And that demoralizes.”

Arvind is touring USA between October 8 and October 24th. His itinerary currently includes Cincinnati, LA, the Bay area, Austin, San Diego, Boston, College Park and Boston. If you’d like to have him speak, please contact Prithivi R Sharma.

Congratulate Arvind Kejriwal – The Times of India

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One thought on “Arvind Kejriwal of Parivartan Movement selected for Magsaysay Award

  1. Thanks for the info and congrats to Kejriwal. I am Delhi based but aware of neither and so I needed this “Parivartan”.

    Corruption is not only in high places but also local places. What should one dio for local issues? Rajiv Gandhi talked of panchayati raj but that would also include urban local issues. If really concerned, read my latest post.

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