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YouTube overtakes MySpace

Guardian reports:

YouTube has established itself at the top of the league of the new generation of community websites by becoming even more popular than MySpace, according to research.The video sharing site has taken a 3.9% share of global internet visits a day compared with 3.35% for MySpace, according to internet analysis company Alexa.YouTube’s popularity has grown immensely over the first six months of the year.

Its success has been such that a price tag of as much as $1bn (£536bn) – far more than the £332m that Rupert Murdoch paid for MySpace – has been put on the company and rumours are circulating of a possible initial public offering.

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | YouTube overtakes MySpace

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The Sillicon Valley NewTech August Meetup

I will be at the Silicon Valley NewTech meetup today.

Here is the lineup:
* – A new way to organize your life and connect with friends [Narendra Rocherolle]
* – Quickly build Web 2.0-ready business or personal Web sites [Ivaylo Lenkov]
* – MS Excel reporting on web API’s [Dave Nielsen]
* – A web service that delivers personalized recommendations to any site [David Marks]

If you want to get alerts or to RSVP for future NewTech meetups visit here.

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Blogger traded up a paper clip for a house through Power of the Internet

Interesting story about a blogger from Montreal who used the power of the Internet to trade up a paper clip to a house.One year ago, this 26-year-old blogger from Montreal set out to barterone red paper clip for something and that thing for something else,over and over again until he had a house.

something else,over and over again until he had a house.

btw, Here is Kyle MySpace Page and here is his blog. People are asking after a House, What’s next?

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