Global Calling at Local Rates

Nik Cubrilovic at TecCrunch reported another cheap international calling service Rebtel. It provides a local number to both you and your friend overseas. Both the users call a local number and then the call is bridged over VOIP. Here is how it works:

You signup for the service and it gives a local number for you & another local number for your friend. You call the local number and it routes the call to your friend overseas. Your friend now hangs up and calls you back on the the other number (your friend’s local number) while you are still on the line. It is little inconvenient but it works and it is free. They charge $1 per week for unlimited calls but if you don’t call during a week, there is no charge for that week.

I tried it for London, but went back to SkypeIn as I already have a SkypeIn number for UK but I can see this service being useful for people who spend a lot of time on overseas calls. And I assume that down the road they would make this service easier (may be a premium service).

They still don’t have India includes in the list of countries to call & Tejas Patel mentioned after his calculations that it is still more costly to use Rebtel than Skype & Yahoo to call the countries that are not yet in the Rebtel’s list of 30 countries you can make free calls.