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Indian Government does it again.

People have still not forgot how Avnish Bajaj, CEO of (now eBay India) was arrested when a user uploaded a porn clip for sale on Indian government knowing not what to do arrested Avnish and sent him to the custody for several days. Only after extreme pressure from within the country and outside could help his release from jail.

Now after Mumbai blasts, Indian government has banned appx 12 domains that posted content maligning India.

Officials defended the decision saying, “We would like those people to come forward who access these (the 12) radical websites and please explain to us what are they missing from their lives in the absence of these sites.”

Interestingly, The list include Blogger, Typepad & Geocities. alone is hosting millions of Indian blogs and bloggers all over the India are reporting their inability to access their own & other blogs.

Shivramvij has posted the interesting responses that he received from officials asking them to confirm/list the sites that have been blocked. Neha Mehta has links to many blogs that are raising the censorship issue with media and the government. They also have a group of bloggers raising voice against the censorship.

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