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The Valleyschwag Hoedown

After been regretting for missing the Digg v3 launch party , I had decided not to misss another geek party so I drove down to San Francisco this weekend to attend the Valleyschwag ‘s Hoedown party. The party was co-hosted along with the Jumpcut video awards and ZooomR 2.0 launch at 365 Brannan Street, San Francisco. It was just amazed to meet & see so many geek people in just one floor.

Valleyschwag Hoedown

I couldn’t stay long there, but during the short time I was there, I met Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington & Kevin Rose. I met Robert for the first time.I actually didn’t believe when I first saw him & had to look carefully at his name tag again said “Robert Scoble –”.
It was nice chatting with Michael & Kevin again. Michael mentioned besides other things that his favorite drink is Scotch. I also met many other Interesting folks such as Marc Scarpa, CEO/Founder of JumpCut, Greg Narain and others.

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