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Skype Protocol Cracked?

Techmeme has it that the Skype Protocol has been cracked. Om Malik calls it a $2.6 billion dollar question. Some Chinese engineers have been able to reverse engineer Skype protocol. The real bad news could be that Skype doesn’t have a lot of protection against such hacking in China

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Webtown Reports:

Today I received a call through Skype from a friend at a company in China, except according to him he was not using Skype to call me. His company has successfully reverse engineered the Skype protocol and he wanted to call me in the United States to see how it worked between physically distant IP addresses.

The advent of the release of this software raises many interesting
issues. According to their CEO, their software will not support Skype’s Super Node technology.

This could also raise security concerns of evesdropping your skype calls or impersonating as another Skype user.

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