“You’re an idiot if you don’t start an Internet company right now”

Paul Kedrosky states “You’re an idiot if you don’t start an Internet company right now”. I couldn’t agree more. Web is seeing a new growth and traffic now. More and more users from all age-groups Teenagers (read myspacers) and Older generation (political blog readers) are spending more and more time on Internet.

I remember about 7 years ago, when I wanted to lookup something on Internet, I had to put my telephone line on busy and the speed was horrible. It would take me 10 minutes to just open up the hotmail home page. I used to think in my mind, It would be so great, If I only had “another” telephone line that I could use for Internet and if the speed of the net was little bit faster (read hotmail would take 5 minutes to show up instead of 10 minutes). And today, I don’t know anybody who uses a telephone line (DSL doesn’t count) to connect to Internet.

Cost of putting up an Internet application is so less now. Kevin Rose mentioned that it took them about 3 weeks and $700 to create a prototype for digg.com .

While every Internet company may not succeed, but I am convinced there hasn’t been a better time to start an Internet company than now.